About me

I love coffee. My daily ritual starts with a Nespresso cappuccino. Without it, it’s already a bad day.

I love to talk. Too much. I also love to to listen – we have 2 ears and 1 mouth so it’s no surprise what we should use more.

I love to drink coffee with people. My favorite social activity involves friends, a cafe, coffee and a good selection of cake!

I love to travel to drink coffee. I will be sharing a few highlights here. The coffee is not always good but the service, the setting and the really amazing people you meet make it memorable.

I love to linger over a coffee. To take my time, sip the froth and commit the moment to memory. Over the years, everything from ruling the world to relationships to careers to fashion to life has been discussed over a cup of coffee. These coffee conversations have shaped my thinking, behavior and perspective on life.



Enjoying the cafe gourmand at Maison Hector during the Tour de France 2013

Enjoying a cafe gourmand at Maison Hector, St Malo, France during the Tour de France 2013